Aug. 3rd, 2014 03:23 pm
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Hello my fellow simmer!

and welcome to my new Dreamwidth, on this journal i will upload my new creation, pictures and other crazy sim related stuff.

it will mostly be the sims 2 related things like buildings and maybe recolours of some nice outfits.
im also crazy about maxis matching items when it comes to building you will see that soon enought when i start uploading.

why only sims 2 and not sims 3? well lets just say me and the sims 3 just dont get along... lets leave it at that..

what about the sims 4? well i don't have the demo yet but so far i like how the sims them self look like but the gameplay i dont know yet im leaning more to "yuck" but right now im feeling "meh" at the moment, if you can follow my feelings there XD

i will also make a resources list of most of the things i will be using in my uploads
(i hope i can remember where i got most of it tho O_O)

and as you can tell im not great at explaining stuff so i hope you can follow my words, english is only my second language, thank you

anyway i'll stop blabbering there and start uploading soon, cya! :D
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Hello Simmers!

i bring to you my first upload called The Pleasant Dorms (aka the "Grunt")
it has 12 rooms total

when i found some converted uni stuff from the sims 3 to 2 i just had to make a dorm, i love building dorms

the history of the building
in its hay days it was the talk of the college town it had the best parties evah!!!
but right now its seen its best days looking a bit run down... mostly taken over by the guys of the uni campus but there trying to keep it from being demolished by buying nice second hand furniture and a new paintjob here and there
can help and upgrade it with your new dorm buddies?

Pics and download under the cut :D )



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