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babbelsim ([personal profile] babbelsim) wrote2014-08-03 03:23 pm


Hello my fellow simmer!

and welcome to my new Dreamwidth, on this journal i will upload my new creation, pictures and other crazy sim related stuff.

it will mostly be the sims 2 related things like buildings and maybe recolours of some nice outfits.
im also crazy about maxis matching items when it comes to building you will see that soon enought when i start uploading.

why only sims 2 and not sims 3? well lets just say me and the sims 3 just dont get along... lets leave it at that..

what about the sims 4? well i don't have the demo yet but so far i like how the sims them self look like but the gameplay i dont know yet im leaning more to "yuck" but right now im feeling "meh" at the moment, if you can follow my feelings there XD

i will also make a resources list of most of the things i will be using in my uploads
(i hope i can remember where i got most of it tho O_O)

and as you can tell im not great at explaining stuff so i hope you can follow my words, english is only my second language, thank you

anyway i'll stop blabbering there and start uploading soon, cya! :D